3Sixty & Tällt Ventures

Tällt Ventures and 3Sixty came together in 2017, recognising our common interest in disruptive technologies and the need to rethink today’s products, services and business models.

At the heart of our partnership sits Tällt’s unique intelligence on over 5m tech ventures and corporate innovators worldwide from which we help our clients understand and assess the implications of the changes taking place.

We partner with ambitious companies to evolve strategies and planning, and find accelerated ways to meet the increasing demands driven by technical innovation.

Between us we build customer and market insight, bring propositions to life and validate and scale in the marketplace. We take care of design, brand, user experience, content strategy and development along the journey. If you are interested in speaking with us about how our partnership can help your company, please get in touch. You’ll find our contact details at the end of the Traveltech Trends Report.