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What we do

Endless digital innovation, from strategy to UX, design and technology.

3Sixty is where travel brands go next. We’re a team of highly experienced digital specialists working exclusively with leading travel and leisure brands. We’ll help you transform your brand’s strategy and develop innovative digital products that create powerful connections with your customers.

We’re dedicated to travel, tourism and technology, and we apply unique expertise and fresh insights, to take your customers on an effortlessly rewarding digital journey – one that begins on screen and takes them anywhere in the world.

Our design and build process

  1. 1. Discover

    We dig deep for all available information, through stakeholder interviews and in-depth research. We'll also review your requirements and aspirations, and consider potential solutions.

    Examples tasks:

    Stakeholder workshop, Requirements definition, KPI analysis, Market research, User testing.

  2. 2. Plan & Design

    Building on the wealth of knowledge we've gained, we now begin to shape our solution and lay the foundations for the project, articulating our vision and our plans on how to deliver it.

    Examples tasks:

    Sketching, Technical specification, Persona creation, Prototype creation, Digital strategy.

  3. 3. Develop & Deliver

    Now our team of designers and developers brings the designs to life and creates the code. Our robust quality assurance process means that when everyone's happy, we're ready to rollout.

    Examples tasks:

    User interface, Javascript, .Net, Database, Asset creation, Cross browser optimisation, CMS training, Business as usual and support.

  4. 4. Optimise

    We like to forge ongoing strategic digital relationships with our clients. And along with training, warranties and extended support, we offer continual optimisation of your users' experience.

    Examples tasks:

    A/B testing, Optimisation, Campaign planning and execution, Analytics reporting.

Our service packages

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    Conversion Optimisation

    2-4 weeks

    What? → Your website's conversion rate is crucial. Our conversion clinic enables us to get up to speed with your brand, and we then channel our market insight and digital experience into developing actionable recommendations that will transform your website's conversion rate.

    How? → First we meet with you to collect feedback and understand your digital KPIs, before gathering further insights from data analytics, the market and your customers. Then we apply our strategic expertise and UX analysis to provide you with a prioritised conversion report that you can implement via your internal team, your existing agency, or through us at 3Sixty.

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    Campaign Challenge

    2-4 weeks

    What? → Creating innovative campaigns that support your digital KPIs. We offer a range of campaign mechanics that enable you to launch new services, promote specific holidays or destinations, drive data capture, or push brand awareness. Our campaigns always provide an impressive return on investment.

    How? → First define your challenge: do you want to increase data capture, improve prospects, boost brand awareness, or drive sales? Working closely with your team, we'll brainstorm ideas, plan your campaign, and build your content. Then we'll execute your campaign, typically through an HTML build and digital promotion, working alongside your existing agency partners or in-house team.

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    Digital Vision (aka 'The Business Case Builder')

    4-6 weeks

    What? → If your current website is failing to perform, it may be time to consider a new design and build. While a well executed website will undoubtedly justify your investment of time and costs, you may be finding it a challenge to persuade your Board of the need for a new direction. Thankfully at 3Sixty we can help. We often work with brands who are considering embarking on this process, and we collaborate closely with marketing and digital directors to build a powerful business case that you can present to your Board.

    How? → We'll perform an in-depth competitor review and channel our sector insights into producing a design that will excite your Board. Then we'll showcase the technological possibilities that will drive conversions and improve your user experience. And finally we'll explore ROI, showcasing the anticipated benefits of your digital investment. In short, we'll present an ambitious yet attainable digital vision that will make it much easier for you to gain your Board's approval.

  • donut shape made of lots of coloured lines

    Product development and launch


    What? → If you have an exciting travel tech idea, we'd love to hear about it. We're an entrepreneurial team that's always creating innovative digital products, and we're also happy to partner up with small businesses, entrepreneurs and brands with fresh ideas. We're experienced in turning great concepts into reality, and can provide you with the support and expertise you need to bring your idea to fruition.

    How? → How we work depends entirely on what you need. We're happy to act as a sounding board, quickly working up your idea as a prototype or proof of concept. We can also fully develop your project, or take a fully developed offering to market. In short, if it's a great idea, we're interested. Get in touch for a quick chat over a coffee, or contact us for a full business planning and investment strategy.

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About us

We're a team of digital travel and tourism experts who have been there and done that.

At 3Sixty we combine a wealth of experience with a dedication to innovation. We work exclusively with leading travel and leisure businesses, helping you express your brand and delight your customers through innovative digital experiences that are beautiful, memorable and successful.

Our work

Here's a small selection of our recent projects. If you'd like to know more about them, please feel free to get in touch.

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