Why create a Traveltech Trends Report?

One of the true joys of travel is what happens long before your customer sets sail, steps onto the platform, or takes their seat on the plane. It’s the exploring of possibilities. The choosing of destinations. The booking of tickets. These are the first moments when travel and tourism brands deliver on their promises — and they’re the moments that count.

As digital innovation accelerates, these moments that count are increasing apace. From exploring possibilities to post-trip experience, smartphone technology is literally at hand presenting travel brands with an opportunity to cement relationships and drive competitive advantage.

But why aren’t the established travel brands cashing in on these opportunities? Instead, a growing number of young, smart and fleet of foot start ups are moving in. Utilising the power of cloud services from internet giants such as Amazon, IBM and Google to scale at speed.

That’s why we created the Traveltech Trends Report —to identify the emergent trends and startups, along with the personnel and investment. So any travel business moving into the innovation game can see what’s hot and answer the question: Do we build, partner or buy?

Traveltech Trends Report launches 23rd October 2017