The top 5 places I’ve ever visited!

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We decided to specialise in travel because it’s something we are all massively passionate about. We all love to travel and by creating beautiful and effective websites, we help the public fall in love with destinations and book more life enriching holidays.

But where do we like to go? I’ve pulled together my personal top 5. If you haven’t visited these places, open up your bucket list and get adding. Equally, let me know if there is anywhere I’ve missed.

  1. Manta-ray Island, Fiji

Glorious beaches and some of the nicest people on earth. I spent two weeks in Fiji and cannot recommend it enough. Ferry passes with island hopping, if you see an island you like the look of, you get off and stay the night, the ferry will pick you up at the same time the next day, or day after. Just beware of ‘Fiji time’, whilst lovely and incredibly generous people, they don’t all have reliable working watches.

Fiji as a whole is beautiful but my top pick was manta-ray island — a perfect sandy beach, with the greatest snorkelling i’ve ever experienced. You’ll get a morning wake up call to jump on a boat with snorkels in-hand to seek out the majestic manta-rays.

stingray swimming underwater

Giant Manta-ray’s off one of the many beautiful Fijian islands.

2. Santorini, Greece

I went to Santorini in 2017, and within the first 2 hours I felt completely relaxed, like I’d already been away for weeks. The views are breathtaking and for that reason, combined with the fact that Greek food is delicious, it makes the list. You may need to remortgage to stay in a premium villa — but it’s worth it, I promise.

There is plenty of trekking, wine trips, shopping and excursions available, but equally, if you just want to read a book and unwind with a serious view, there is no better place.

Infinity pool with views of the ocean

The most ridiculous views in Santorini. Just wow.

3. Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

My future winter retreat, I spent a week in ‘the mount’ and loved every minute of it. It’s peaceful and beautiful, yet is vibrant and has loads going on.

If you are into your water-sports this could be the perfect spot, situated on New Zealand’s north island a few hours drive from Auckland. In New Zealand you are never far from a beach, but Mount Maunganui is where I’d like to be.

One day, I’m going to buy a home away from home here. When the British winter comes and it’s dark and cold, I’ll be spending my time working from the beach, running up the mountain (yeah right) or watching rugby!

mountain by the beach

The ‘Mount’ Nz

4. Bordeaux, France

Good food and great wine, what’s more to like? Well quite a lot. Situated on the Garonne river, the city has incredible architecture and plenty of history. The city centre incredibly vibrant with must see sights dotted around.

This is a great place to go for a long weekend, fights from the UK are inexpensive, quick and frequent through the peak season although I found getting from the airport into the centre using public transport easier said than done! Random fact: it’s twinned with Bristol, which makes me like it even more!

runner in a plaza

Bordeaux city centre

5. Barbados, Caribbean.

In last but not least, we have Barbados. Cheap rum, reggae music, chilled vibes. It’s a great place to go to unwind. Whilst I was in Barbados I found the relaxed, laid back nature of the locals to be massively refreshing. This whole way of living soon absorbs you and you can concentrate on enjoying the moment. I’m sure the rum helps too. It is, to date, the only place where when ordering a rum and coke, they are served in completely equal measure!

Day trips on catamaran’s, visits to local markets, energising live music, and of course, days sat on the beach over indulging. The food is simple, but simple doesn’t mean boring, theres plenty of spice and Caribbean flavours. If you’re looking for a Caribbean break, this could be the one.

sign saying life is better at the beach

It certainly is when you’re staying in Barbados!

This list could go on and on, I’ve kept it to my personal top 5. Notable mentions to the following incredible cities I’ve visited and fallen ever so slightly in love with: Bath, Edinburgh, Carcassonne, Siem Reap, Munich and New York.

There are many places I am yet to visit so if you do have any must see recommendations please let me know. I have Kenya, Tanzania, Bilbao, Japan, Greece and Zanzibar coming up over the next year so this list may well change!