Pets of 3Sixty


At a time of stress and uncertainty, we’re taking a break from saying the C word (Coronavirus) to bring you the kind of content that hopefully will raise your spirits. Please take a break and enjoy with us, the pets of 3Sixty Digital.


Belongs to: Kat and Luke, Lead Interface Developer and Lead Developer (respectively).

Likes: Sleeping upside down, emotional manipulation for personal gain, squirrels, breathing directly into your face.

Dislikes: When breakfast is not served on time, not being allowed on sofas, being told off for being on sofas.


Belongs to: Ryan, Managing Director.

Likes: Pigeons, cuddles and any human food that accidentally drops to the floor.

Dislikes: Quiet time, not being centre of attention, and dogs that sniff her bum.

Charlie and Mia:

Belongs to: Yas, Marketing Manager.

Charlie (left)
Likes: Cuddles with his mumma, face rubs and all food, especially human food.

Dislikes: Any loud noises, sudden movements, his own shadow.

Mia (right):
Likes: Number twos on the bed, her son, cat food (she won’t eat human food) and sleeping all day long.

Dislikes: Being picked up or moved to go outside.


Belongs to: Laura, Senior Technical SEO Manager.

Likes: Naps, bugs, smooching and baby food.

dislikes: Being alone, shedding and fake people.


Belongs to: Laura, Senior Technical SEO Manager.

Likes: Picking fights, eating things smaller than her, vibing to beats no one else can hear.

Dislikes: That she is too small to exact plans of world domination in her current form.


Belongs to: Monkey is his own boss, but is friends with Jon Waring, Founder and Director.

Likes: Inviting himself to breakfast, helping himself to your coffee, caffeinated morning swings through the trees and undergrowth.

Dislikes: Trying to be smuggled through customs.